Week of 2007-11-19

The good thing was that I only had two days of classes this week. The bad thing is that I had whole days with nothing to do. So, what I actually did...
  • Watched Cars. It was interesting how Pixar used the wheels as the limbs. I'm not really sure how cars can move their wheels like that (granted, the wheels didn't turn into roller blades or guns or anything like that a la Transformers).
  • Coded up half a genetic programming engine. I'm stuck on how to select a random subtree for crossover and mutation (by headless chicken crossover... I'm serious!). I found a site with a GP implementation in C, and I might steal some ideas there.
  • Wrote 4 lines of a sonnet.
  • Read A Theory of Fun.
  • Hunted down squirrels and Kurt Vonnegut.
It was fun.

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