On My First Return to Hong Kong in Three Years

Potential titles for travel books on Hong Kong

  • Pollution (You Name It, We Got It)
  • Holy Shit, Chinese People!
  • What Personal Bubble?
  • Wrong Side of the Road, Dude!
  • ¿Hablas cantonés, mandarín e Inglés?

More seriously, some of the changes since the last time I was here (which was December 2008):

  • A lot of ads have Android/iPhone app icons, even Facebook links. QR codes doesn't seem to be quite as popular yet, although there's some similar system that seems local to Hong Kong.
  • All the steps on stairs seem really short. I can't tell if I've grown taller in the past three years, but I've noticed that I'm definitely above average height when on the trains. YES.
  • When I first got to the States I kept doing price conversions back to HKD. Now I do it the other way around, except that I have no clue what the baseline should be. 39 HKD seems instinctively more than 5 USD, but it's ultimately the same. Obviously, small numbers are inherently more likeable (since we see them more often). I wonder if there's literature on how the conversion rate influences spending...
  • I've lost a lost of my spatial memory of Hong Kong, even for places I would visit on a weekly basis. Then my parents' house has also been remodeled, so it's a little harder to get around.
  • Whenever I've stayed in the States for a while then come back, I get allergic to something in Hong Kong and would always have a runny nose and keep sneezing. This time I settled with a partially stuffed nose. I think being sick just before leaving somehow buffered whatever I was reacting to.
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Font Fun

I'm heading to DC tomorrow for the AAAI Fall Symposium on Advances in Cognitive Systems. My paper got a poster acceptance, and so the last two weeks was spent wrangling with beamer. One can only focus on LaTeX for so long, so to pass time when I'm not sword fighting I decided to play around with some fonts. Can you guess the major web businesses that use the following fonts? Hover over the images for the answer.

While making the poster, my advisor noted that people sometimes confuse the Michigan block M wordmark with the Missouri block-M wordmark. So I looked up all the M states (turns out there's eight of them; my initial list left out Maine and Massachusetts), and collected their wordmark for comparison:

University of Maine

University of Maryland

University of Massachusetts

University of Michigan

University of Minnesota

University of Missouri

Mississippi State University

Montana State University
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