Week of 2007-10-29

This has been a pretty good week, considering I didn't have any midterms and large projects due. That's one less of both compared to last week... I've also had some time to mess around. Here's a summary of what I did this week
  • I played with some Compiz/GL Desktop effects on Xubuntu. When I have time (read: after this quarter ends), I'll reformat my hard disk to triple boot Arch, Xubuntu 7.10, and Windows. I'm most looking forward to the fire effects... not that I'll be spending much time on that system, but it's a cool showcase. From the ten minutes I've run Ubuntu 7.10 from the live CD, I'll get wireless, too. That'll be a first on Linux.
  • I got my research model "walking" (read: falling) on random terrain. Now for the evolution!
  • I visited Shedd Aqaurium today, to look at the dolphins and beluga whales. Dolphins I've seen before, but I've never been this close to a whale. Granted, the beluga whales are small, only 12 or so feet in length, but I was about that distance from it. It's a really surreal experience, being this close to another semi intelligence species. Pictures.
All the good things in my life.

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