A Small Update

I was originally going to complete one of the 13 drafts I have waiting, but it took me so long to write my journal entry that I'm just going to talk about something else.

What I've done today:
  • Completely changed my Fluxbox style, from what I called "shades" to "whiteblue". One interesting effect was that the computer felt lighter, as in less heavy. The first image is what it looked like; the second is what I'm looking at right now.
  • I also changed my calendar to go with my desktop, so it too is less dark and depressing. Must be some food I ate. You can click here see the new calendar; I won't put up the old one for comparison though.
  • Gave a presentation on our research findings on dolphins. Went quite well, I think.
  • Finally, spent over 3 hours trying to write in my journal, while being distracted by IM messages, The Office, parts of Minority Report, parts of Batman Begins, and the class schedules for next quarter.
Which reminds me, I'm not very happy with the registrar right now. Some how I manage to have 4 classes sharing the 4 pm to 5 pm spot on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and they're all interesting classes. I'm hoping at least one will be flexible, so it will be (slightly) more manageable.

That's if for now; I'll give another update on Saturday. God knows what I'll write about for tomorrow.

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