Week of 2008-02-11

This week I:
  • Had a discussion section which talked about entirely irrelevant topics
  • Skipped 30 minutes in the middle of a class to go talk to a professor
  • Skipped class to go observe someone's GSW session
  • Met the spring break group
  • Visited Shedd in vain - except for an airstone
  • Came back just in time to meet with another professor
  • Went ice fishing - we didn't catch anything, so it was more like picnic on a frozen lake. It was a cool experience though.
  • Dove to 15 feet underwtaer multiple times in the name of science - who thought an engineering class would require me to be able to dive and hold my breath?
  • Went rock climbing again
  • Wrote on my blog
  • Wrote on my blog that I "wrote on my blog"
  • Wrote on my blog that I "wrote on my blog that I "wrote on...
Hey, no recursing.

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