Week of 2008-01-28 (and 2008-01-21)

It has been a pretty busy two weeks. I'm not sure if I'll have so much fun (and so much stress!) again this quarter. I...
  • finally got the registrar to add me to my design class, which I have in fact been working my ass off. Which is why I can't sit up straight right now.
  • finished the first "real" version of my resume, and wrote my first cover letter.
  • ...and sent it off to CTY! *fingers crossed*
  • went ice skating, which I haven't done for a really long time, probably since high school. After that we went to a really nice cafe/chocolatier to escape the winter cold.
  • coded up a redesign of Doodle for HCI. I really like the redesign; I think it not only looks nicer, but offers more information at a glance as well. Oh, and the major selling point, the ability to drag on the checkboxes to select multiple times at once. Very useful.
  • went to the swimming pool twice, again something I haven't done in a really long while. It wasn't for swimming though, but to test our pipe-bombing-looking bubble makers.
  • had another adventure at another ice rink with broomball. I think wearing hiking boots makes it easier in a way I can't explain, since I slipped a lot more and fell once, which is once more than I did last time. I'm also wearing down more expensive shoes (I think).

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