Week of 2008-01-07

Obviously I'm back in Chicago. So, this week, mostly classes:
  • Theory of Knowledge. I've already written a post about this class. Philosophy, if it's abstract enough (as epistemology clearly is), has a way of making simple things complicated. While that's not always desirable, for something as (shall we say) impractical as philosophy it helps with broadening your mind to other people's thinking.
  • Intelligent Information Systems. We haven't done anything yet. Lots of work and lots of fun.
  • Human Computer Interaction. The class is about exactly that, but it's turning out to be more work than I though. I wrote a good short paper on giving users choice for different interfaces. Could you guess I run Linux?
  • Design. Still working with dolphins, and as we try to actually build something our world is torn apart by what we don't know.
  • Locomotion. Still working on that, too. The goal for this quarter is to evolve a single layer perceptron controller.
  • GSW. Um. Still teaching.
  • Outing Club. I need trips. Lots of trips. So I can get away from this crap.

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