Can You Hear Me?

I sang this song with the choir back in middle school. We got either second or third place in the Hong Kong wide competition with this.

Although my middle school years were mostly terrible, this song has always stuck with me. It floats into my thoughts every once in a while.

Can You Hear Me?
(By Bob Chilcott)

I look around me as I grow
I'd like to tell you all I know
I see life with all its energy
The city streets, the rush time
This is my world, it's where I like to be
So much to see, so much to find
I sometimes sit and wait a while
See the sun, it makes me smile
Can you see it
Can you see it too

I feel life with all its energy
The joy of waking every day
This is my world, it's where I like to be
So much to do, so much to say
I sometimes sit and feel the sun
Its warmth is there for everyone
Can you feel it
Can you feel it too

My world is a silent one
But it's enough for me
I hear you through your hands
The movement sets me free
But it could be a special thing
To hear your voice
To hear your sing
Can you hear me
Can you hear me too

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  1. Music sticks with people like that. Songs I sang in middle school and high school or songs that were played at important times in my life all manage to float back in from time to time, holding so much within them.

    This is a really pretty song. music is so overwhelmingly powerful...