List of Discarded Post Topics

I have a large backlog of topics I want to blog about. Most of them were interesting at the time, but I have since lost enough interest to not want to write about it. If anyone is particularly interested in something, or want some clarification of what I would have written about, let me know.

Below are the topics and the notes I've collected for them.

  • questions of the weeks
    • why /should/ there be a separation of church and state?
    • what is the difference between hurricanes, typhoons, maelstroms?
    • does truth exist?
    • why do humans have social needs?
    • would a human-level AI replace the need for best friends?
      • Eliza and the Turing Test
    • what should you do to maximize your chance of a relationship on a date?
      • adrenaline mistaken for attraction (psychology: it works, bitches!)
    • do animals burp?
    • why do roosters crow at dawn?
    • how do 3d glasses work?
    • physics of getting yourself swinging
  • musical imagery
    • hurdles with audience
    • picket fence
    • cages
    • graph paper
    • DDR tracks
    • bookshelves
    • rick roll
  • communism = democracy
    • if totally transparent government
  • IAT to measure cultural associations


  1. Ooh, how do 3D glasses work? I've always been curious. I could look it up, but I'd rather you do it for me.

  2. Anonymous24/8/09 01:04

    I do rather like the question of "does truth exist," but only because it wouldn't make logical sense for the answer to be no :)

    a mathematician

  3. Why do humans have social needs? ;)

    I'm also interested in AI as a best friend, and the tropical storms question.