Spring Break

I hope you all enjoyed my lolcat last week. I'm glad to say that the broken spring has been fixed:
So we can go on.

The group has uploaded a shit ton of pictures on Facebook, but since I'm compiling them into a giant (3.5Gb+) file for download anyway, I've selected a few which I think represents the best of the trip.

Please note that I did not take any of the photographs - all the scenery and framing belongs to the respective owners.

Welcome to spring quarter, everyone.


  1. :O So pretty... *dies*. Where is it that you guys went?

  2. Most of the pictures were taking near and around Moab, UT. The backpacking ones were in Canyonlands, the arches were in Arches, and the rock climbing is in Behind the Rocks Wilderness Study Area.

    The first few pictures of snow were taking in Colorado on the way down, while the few in the middle are from Maple Canyon, near Fountain Green, UT. We originally wanted to climb there, but was snowed out and so had to return to Moab.