• 1987 - Yosemite. Apparently I've been there - just after I was conceived.
  • 1989 - New Zealand. I don't remember this at all, except that we visited a fire truck museum - which I learned from a photograph.
  • 1991 - Florida, D.C., Toronto. The only thing I remember about this trip was that my brother bought me a Donald Duck animation flip book because I was asleep. I remember sitting on the side of a road flicking through it.
  • 1992 - Kyushu and Tokyo, Japan. I don't remember anything about this at all.
  • 1993 - England, France, Switzerland. I don't remember this either, except at on a snowy peak in Switzerland I threw a snowball and it in my brother in the face. I think he swallowed some of it.
  • 1994 - Yellowstone National Park. I have a vague recollection of a log cabin, and walking along wooden pathways above geysers. That's about it though.
  • 1995 - Malaysia. We were at a Club Med resort. I think I still have a hand painted T-shirt somewhere.
  • 1996 - Vancouver, Columbia Icefield, Alaska. We stayed at my uncle's for a while, before driving up for a tour of the glaciers. We also visited Seattle at some point, where I bawled my eyes out because I wasn't woken up to see salmon swimming up-river, despite the fact that there wasn't enough water anyway. Then we took a cruise up to Alaska, and had day tour to a glacial lake by sea plane. That was also the first time I wrote journals (although I stopped after the trip and didn't start again until 2002).
  • 1997 - Indonesia, Singapore. My only memory of this is sitting in a van going through rural roads lined with banana trees.
  • 1999 - Germany, Austria. My most prominent memory of this trip was a stay at a countryside house for a night, where I slept on the top floor underneath a sky light. There was a waterfall near by, and we had breakfast at the owner's house.
  • 2000 - England. My brother and I went to a summer camp near Cambridge first, before my parents picked us up and we visited the Lake District. Oddly enough, I remember the camp more than our family trip.
  • 2001 - Australia. Another summer camp, near Brisbane, before we drove up to Cannes. Same thing with my memories.
  • 2002 - Christchurch, New Zealand. The first time I flew in a plane by myself.
  • 2003 - San Francisco, Sacramento. Really more of a college tour of that area. My brother and I stayed a a family friend's, then flew back by ourselves.
  • 2004 - U.S.. All over the place, a 3 weeks college tour. Not sure I want to do that again... although, we did visit Grand Canyon at the end, which was fun.
  • 2006 - France, Spain. First in Paris, then TGV down to Nice, and driving along the coast (and up into Avignon) before going down to Barcelona.
  • 2007 - England, Scotland. Another university tour, for my brother this time. Started in London and drove up to Edinburgh. We then hiked the length of the Caledonian Canal in Scotland, which includes Loch Ness. No sea monsters though.
And this doesn't include travel for school trips, tournaments, or other short trips.

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