Week of 2007-12-03 (and 2007-11-26)

I had a dream last night. I dreamt that I was reinstalling the OSes on my laptop, and for some reason when I installed Linux all my Windows stuff got imported. So instead of my nice clean wall paper I have twenty huge icons on my desktop. And also somehow the default web browser is IE, with all the imported bookmarks and everything. I remember muttering to myself, "wine," before going and unmounting my NTFS partition.

And then I woke up. I suppose for some people that would constitute a nightmare, but to me it just shows how much of a geek I am.

So this week was reading week, which means it's classes as usual. I just realized I didn't post a "Week of..." post last week, so this will include that as well.
  • Although I still had most of my classes, I did get down with cognitive psychology. The exam was not hard; I barely studied (read: didn't) at all, and still did reasonably well (does 89% seem "reasonable" enough to all of you who are muttering about my low standards?)
  • I'm also done with my stats project, where we analyzed the statistics of CTEC (Course and Teacher Evaluation... Crap). Students has their interest in a subject most stimulated when the professor is good. Go figure. It's surprising that these two areas have the highest correlation though; we were originally thinking there might be a correlation between time spent and the over all rating of the course. But nope; instead, there seems to be an amount of time (roughly 3-8 hours per week) where most of low ratings reside. I think it's because you either don't work at all and enjoy the course, or you are willing to put work in because you enjoy the subject.
  • I reinstalled Picasa with the 2.7 Beta Linux version. I had the 2.7 Windows version running on wine before, but it didn't handle the "download album" link on web albums correctly. Now it does, and I think it was easier to install than the old version too.
That's about it, actually. Other projects and classes are going well. We'll see how finals week goes...

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